Since its establishment in 1986, RDC Co., Ltd. has launched and deployed a diverse array of restaurants, including conveyor-belt sushi, across both domestic and international markets. Guided by our corporate philosophy - “Good person, good company, and good future” - we remain committed to enriching the lives of everyone involved in the RDC Group.


Since its inception, the RDC Group has successfully launched a diverse range of restaurants, including conveyor-belt sushi, spanning both domestic and international markets.
We are deeply committed to treating every guest at RDC’s restaurants with heartfelt service and exceptional meals, aiming to increase our global fan base.


“Pursuing affordable luxury for everyone” - Based on this mission, RDC operates a diverse range of restaurant brands, reaching customers worldwide to spread joy through food. All employees work together as a team, respecting individual initiative, to make customers smile. Our goal is to value and appreciate both our customers and employees by cultivating good people, ensuring happiness for all involved. We will continuously pursue growth to achieve this goal through various strategies and measures, including launching new brands and restaurants.