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MESSAGE Message for Recruitment

Including Japan, the RDC Group has successfully launched and established nearly 250 restaurants across six countries and regions, spanning 30 brands. Our sustained growth is primarily due to our dedicated employees who relentlessly prioritize our customers’ joy and delight. This commitment is rooted in our core belief: Deliver affordable luxury to every customer. Our devoted and aligned workforce is the driving force behind our business success. Yet, we are not content to rest on our laurels. In the domestic market of Japan, we adopted a dominant strategy by concentrating restaurants to launch in specific areas, enabling us to reduce supply and logistics costs and strengthen our brand identity in the areas. Therefore, depending on where you live, you might not be familiar with the RDC Group. However, we are firm in our confidence that RDC is on its way to becoming a recognized global brand. We believe in the vast potential of Japan’s safe and delectable food. Certainly, joining an already globally-renowned company is a tempting prospect. But there is a unique joy and pride in being part of building a global enterprise from the ground up. To become a global food brand from Japan - Join us on our journey to create a new history.

THREEFEATURES RDC’s three features

1 Features of RDC Part 1

Promote Japanese delectable food culture globally.

Having already operated multiple restaurants overseas in five countries, including China and South Korea, the RDC Group is poised to accelerate its restaurant launches more than ever before. The safe, healthy, and delightful Japanese food culture has garnered global acclaim. Sushi, in particular, has transformed into a worldwide culinary sensation, while we receive numerous partnership requests from Europe and Russia almost daily. Our mission is to share the distinct and cherished Japanese culinary culture with the world, while continually refining our skills and techniques to meet this rising demand.

2 Features of RDC Part 2

“Hook to Cook”
amazes the world

We once received feedback from an Australian supplier who told us: “There are no other companies in the world, apart from the RDC Group, that handle everything from catching the fish (hook) to its processing, transportation, and preparation (cook).” RDC is unique and a rare company in the food industry as it oversees everything ranging from harvesting and farming right to the plate of every customer. While we collaborate with various suppliers, processors, and other companies when necessary, we remain steadfast in our commitment to doing everything in our power to provide safe, delightful meals at affordable prices. This is our unchanged style.

3 Features of RDC Part 3

Eager to launch a cafe no matter what?
Let’s begin by exploring a launch plan.

At the RDC Group, a majority of our new initiatives stem from a bottom-up approach. Often, these initiatives arise from our employees who aspire to embark on a new venture or to launch a new brand. This was the case when we launched our first cafe brand. The launch plan was crafted to realize the dreams of those passionate about bringing a cafe concept to life. Those willing to rise to challenges are rewarded. This principle holds true even when we venture into launching restaurants abroad. RDC fosters an environment that provides ample opportunities to those who are proactive. There is one steadfast rule: If you say, “I’ll take on a challenge,” you must commit to that pledge. The curiosity of each employee serves as the source of our successful growth as a company.