• Section head of Hygiene Control Division, joined the company in April 2010
    (RDC Co., Ltd.)
  • She basically works in food sanitation management and restaurant guidance, while also serving as a training instructor and handling customer responses.


What led you to RDC?

I first encountered RDC at a company information session I attended. The energy of the company immediately stood out to me. With an academic background in food culture from university, I have always had a keen interest in the restaurant industry. I was drawn to sushi out of many other restaurant businesses, partly because I felt that as a woman, I could make a distinctive mark in the sushi kitchen. The sushi industry seemed to me to be typically male-dominated at that time. As I progressed through the interview process, I was particularly struck by how cheerful my interviewer was during my second and final interviews. I figured that if such lively individuals thrived at RDC, it was the kind of place where I too could find job satisfaction. That’s what led me to join RDC.


How have you built your career?

For the first year after joining the company, I focused on mastering sushi techniques and customer service skills. In my second year, I transferred to my current department. My role involves overseeing food sanitation across all group restaurants while maintaining direct interaction with them, necessitating strong communication skills. Adapting and responding flexibly to each staff member’s needs has undoubtedly spurred my growth. Since joining the company, I have been surprised by the increasing number of business trips abroad that I have been assigned. Working abroad was not part of my initial vision. Additionally, since joining the company, I have gained expertise in food sanitation through both in-house training and external seminars, allowing me to apply this knowledge in practice. This experience boosted my confidence. On the other hand, I faced challenges in managing my work tasks. Initially, I struggled with setting appropriate priorities in my work. But thanks to the advice and guidance from my colleagues, I have been able to overcome this challenge.


What aspects of your work are you particularly committed to?

The department where I work is crucial to the company. Hygiene control serves as a foundational pillar for us, and I’m always grateful that our team is recognized and needed by other divisions and customers. This appreciation drives my dedication and attention to detail in my work. For example, at RDC, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring all employees master and practice hygienic hand washing. While there are specific rules for the basic hand washing method, we also guide every employee to maintain a high level of hygiene awareness and practice this hand washing technique correctly. In addition, providing allergen information can be a matter of life and death. Thus, I focus on maintaining and improving our in-house system to ensure that essential information is always organized and readily available for our customers. There can be no compromises when it comes to the safety and security of our customers.


Do you have a message for new recruits?

While considering employment options, you might think of starting with what you studied in school. However, I suggest making decisions based on what you truly want to do or who you want to become. It is essential to discern if the company you are considering really lets you pursue what you want to do. For example, your parents might have invested money for you to obtain a specific qualification, and you might feel obligated to use that qualification after graduation. But ask yourself: What do I genuinely want to do? Always cherish your passion. To determine if the company you are considering really lets you pursue your passion, take the initiative. Attend company information sessions or similar events to get a better understanding.

“On my days off, I enjoy cooking using my mom’s recipes and baking sweets. I like exercise, so I used to play basketball for a long time.” She was born in Narashino, Chiba.