The RDC Group actively recruits Japanese individuals living abroad as well as international residents. We welcome those who can have everyday conversations in Japanese.
* Applicants who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 or above

The RDC Group currently operates approximately 50 restaurants worldwide, spanning five countries and regions, including China and South Korea. Our goal in expanding into overseas markets is to become the Japan-based company with the highest number of restaurants located outside of Japan. We established this goal rooted in our core belief of delivering affordable luxury and the joy of authentic Japanese food to customers both domestically and internationally.
* As of 2023, RDC operates restaurants in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

RDC established a Gatten Sushi location in Shanghai, China, marking the city’s very first gourmet conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. In South Korea, we have successfully established 20 popular Gatten Sushi locations in both Seoul and Busan. We have plans to further expand and establish more locations in the future. In the Philippines, our ramen brand, Yushoken, has gained immense popularity due to its authentic replication of Japanese ramen flavor and quality. Our strength lies in delivering culinary delight through our unique methods, even to areas untouched by other Japanese companies. We are confident that our approaches will resonate in any other country or region where people appreciate the joy and delight derived from the delicious cuisine. Certainly, you are welcome to take on the challenge of expanding the culinary delight to a country of your choice.


Gatten Sushi and Yushoken

Tran Thi Vu Nghia

Since joining this company, I have discovered my passion for learning about Japanese cuisine. I truly enjoy collaborating with our Japanese and Vietnamese teams. I’m surrounded by many colleagues I deeply respect and am continually grateful for their support. The Japanese work ethic is professional and requires me to meet high standards. Each time I transcend the high standards and acquire a new skill, I feel even more motivated. Nationality does not matter. The key is your passion for work once you have joined the company. Your growth potential is entirely in your hands. You need to make a serious effort to learn from your work. Learning a language will be particularly helpful if you want to work abroad. Follow your passion. Then success will follow.


  • You can shine as a restaurant manager or sushi chef, just like our skilled Japanese chefs!
  • Many partners from diverse backgrounds have already become part of our team!
  • Our company’s global mindset offers opportunities for employment in Japan, your home country, or anywhere around the world.
  • Why not join us in the safe and beautiful country of Japan, the heartland of Japanese culture?


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