Corporate System

Corporate System

Various RDC systems designed to help you achieve your future goals


Fulfilling training programs for your growth!

RDC offers comprehensive training programs for every employee to foster their growth. These include basic training upon joining, follow-up sessions, promotion-specific training, upskilling courses, and positional training. A promotional examination is conducted every four months, helping employees concentrate on advancing their business careers.


Value your work-life balance with strong employee benefits!

You can have 9 days off a month. Additionally, paid leave and special leave are also available. Rest is essential for every employee to be active at the forefront and make further growth. RDC is introducing more benefits for employees in line with the times to ensure that they can work with peace of mind, including maternity leave, childcare leave, care leave, and nursing leave.


Who is No. 1? Various exciting in-house contests!

RDC holds a wide variety of contests: RDC Group contest to determine the No. 1 restaurant status, a sushi speed-handling contest that attracts a lot of media attention, and a role-playing contest where table service and customer service skills are competed. After preliminary rounds and semifinals, the champion is decided at the company-wide assembly session. Top performers are awarded cash prizes, along with overseas trips as additional rewards.


Overseas observational training to broaden your horizons!

The RDC Group operates restaurants across the world, with plans to further expand its international presence in the future. RDC provides overseas observational training trips to its domestic employees, aiming to broaden their perspectives for future endeavors. Employees can experience global food and culinary cultures, in addition to observing RDC Group’s international restaurants. They have a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and enhance their sensitivity.


Successive entrepreneurs are born with the in-house independence system!

After a six-month screening period, those who pass the assessment can operate existing RDC Group restaurants as their own restaurants. Independent owners have the discretion to implement their own plans, whether to run multiple restaurants or to launch different brands. At present, several employees have become independent restaurant owners using this system and have established their own companies.


RDC’s point cards as birthday gifts!

RDC offers original point cards as birthday gifts to its employees. Some employees invite their parents to RDC restaurants using gift points. Additionally, for all employees and their families, a 20% discount coupon is also distributed every three months. We want to be a restaurant loved by the families of our employees. Guided by this sentiment, the RDC Group continues this measure as part of its loving corporate culture.